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Discover our Penchak Silat and Self Defense boxes.
A perfect gift for those wanting to improve their training.

  • Sélectionnez le programme de Kettle Bell qui vous convient parmi les 30 proposés : ultra performants, avec des objectifs précis « clé en main » destinés aux débutants et aux confirmés. Découvrez aussi plus de 200 exercices pour chacun des groupes musculaires. Une véritable encyclopédie de 5 heures de cours. Du jamais vu !Avec cette collection DVD « Kettle...

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  • With this 2 DVD set discover Franck Ropers’s research on internal power. Using his knowledge of traditional Penchak Silat, Chinese Qi Gong and his knowledge of modern physical preparation, franck Ropers will help you develop a dry, functional and powerful musculature. Your speed will increase and you will fill your new body with an animal, instinctive...

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  • Condition: brand new   In this DVD set you will find more than 3 hours of techniques, giving you information and techniques about knife fighting and defending against knives, more than available anywhere else. With this item you will learn to use and to defend against any hand-held weapon.   Buying this product will earn you 11 fidelity points. Your...

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  • This 4 DVD collection will help you get very fast a high level in self-defense. Discover aggression patterns and see whether you could face them. -          Learn to use usual objects. Fight in every place, every situation. -          Discover how to prepare for conflict, use hidden guards impossible to detect and “special attacks”. -          Master...

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