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Franck Ropers teaches you how to fight using a truncheon or a bludgeon. This DVD aims at teaching you how to protect yourself or your loved ones as fast as possible. Easy to use, the short staff is widely used in self defense. Franck Ropers, expert at staff fighting, shows you his method – simple and realistic but very efficient  techniques.


This DVD was created for civilians as well as policemen or security professionals. In a few hours of training, you should be able to use this weapon against one or many opponents.


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With this DVD, learn how to face a real opponent armed with a knife or a truncheon. Armed yourself with a short staff, learn how to face attacks with all kind of edged or blunt weapons.

Every technique is shown is slow motion and at real speed and power, Commented by Franck Ropers.

You’ll watch demonstrations of real strikes against a partner protected by a full body armor (type “red man” – used by special units in the police) in recreation of dozens of ultra-realistic agressions.

Franck Ropers gives you his advice to help you develop your power, balance, dexterity, fluidity and rooting.

The short staff is a good complement to your bare hand and edged weapon curriculum. The only objective of this DVD is simplicity and efficiency.



-          Learning to use a truncheon.

-          Moving and positioning yourself for fighting.

-          Increasing your striking power.

-          Defending bare-handed against a truncheon.

-          Techniques for staff against staff.

-          Techniques for staff against knife.

-          Techniques for  using a staff against bottles, needles or other edged weapons.

-          Defending against many armed agressors.

-          Using the staff with punching and kicking.

-          Strategies to help someone in an aggression situation.



Produced by Franck Ropers

Directed by Franck Ropers

Starring: Franck Ropers

Length: 1 hours and 06 minutes (48 minutes + 18 minutes bonus)

Language: French

Realized in: 2013


Franck Ropers is an international expert on self-defense and Penchak Silat (Black belt 5th Dan FFKDA, recognized in Indonesia). Since its foundation, AFR - Franck Ropers Academy – has grown to 35 school around the world. Franck Ropers also consults for law-enforcement agency and threat response organizations. Known for his pedagogical skills, Franck Ropers has trained thousands of professors and professionals for self-defense and Pencak Silat, in seminars, classes or through his DVD classes.


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DVD – Staff fighting

DVD – Staff fighting

Franck Ropers teaches you how to fight using a truncheon or a bludgeon. This...

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