DVD Power Silat

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Become powerful and tough. Develop your muscles and your physical resistance. This method has been created by Franck Ropers using biomecanichal principles and Qi Gong theory. It only requires 45 minutes of training each week and doesn’t use any equipment.

This DVD contains technics that will allow you to strengthen your muscles and tendons. Try it for even one week and Franck Ropers can guarantee you will get visible results.


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An expert on physical preparation and stress management, Franck Ropers also gives seminars, teaches and consults for instructors. 20 years ago, he created a functional method for muscular strengthening that allows to resist strikes and get better tendon resistance fast and safely without any weights or body building equipment.


-          Cheap: No equipment required, no other costs.

-          Convenient : No gym subscription anymore, train in your own apartment (2m² are enough).

-          Fast : Only 3 times 15 minutes of training a week to get results.

-          Safe : No risk of hurting yourself.


You will see an increase of your muscular weight in only one week (about 2 cm more of arm width).

This method was created using a mix between scientific biomechanical principles and traditional body knowledge of internal energy.

Slow-motion, close footage, and advice on nutrition, breathing and technical details to ease your training.



-          Technical advice

-          Daily lessons with a clear and detailed progression

-          Beginner to advanced programs

-          Resistance building techniques

-          Testing your power and your toughness



Produced by Franck Ropers

Directed by Franck Ropers

Starring: Franck Ropers

Length: 1h07 + 18 mn bonus

Language: French

Year: 2013


Franck Ropers is an international expert on self-defense and Penchak Silat (Black belt 5th Dan FFKDA, recognized in Indonesia). Since its foundation, AFR - Franck Ropers Academy – has grown to 35 school around the world. Franck Ropers also consults for law-enforcement agency and threat response organizations. Known for his pedagogical skills, Franck Ropers has trained thousands of professors and professionals for self-defense and Pencak Silat, in seminars, classes or through his DVD classes.

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DVD Power Silat

DVD Power Silat

Become powerful and tough. Develop your muscles and your physical resistance....

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