DVD –– Indonesian special forces knife fighting

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Learn all the secret of knife fighting. Fight as a special force expert.

The unique DVD was filmed during a special class and has served for years as Franck Ropers’s private classes add on for knife fighting. A very precious and rare item.


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This Franck Ropers knife fighting class is used by police special forces for its efficiency and realism.

Learn how to use a knife and how to understand the psychological process and behabiour of an aggressor and a victim during a knife fight.

Trust yourself and do not be a victim.



-          How to wield a knife.

-          How to be on your guard wielding a knife

-          Techniques that you should never use against a knife attack.

-          Defending against knife attack: circular, from the left, from the right, reversed grip and pointed

-          Defending against threats

-          Attacks combinations at real speed

-          Training yourself to use a knife with 10 angles of attack

-          Feinting

-          Drawing your knife

-          Training your manual dexterity with a knife

-          Knife attacks that are impossible to block


Produced by Franck Ropers

Directed by Franck Ropers

Starring: Franck Ropers

Length: 19 minutes

Language: French

Realized in: 2007


Franck Ropers is an international expert on self-defense and Penchak Silat (Black belt 5th Dan FFKDA, recognized in Indonesia). Since its foundation, AFR - Franck Ropers Academy – has grown to 35 school around the world. Franck Ropers also consults for law-enforcement agency and threat response organizations. Known for his pedagogical skills, Franck Ropers has trained thousands of professors and professionals for self-defense and Pencak Silat, in seminars, classes or through his DVD classes.

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DVD –– Indonesian special forces knife fighting

DVD –– Indonesian special forces knife fighting

Learn all the secret of knife fighting. Fight as a special force expert. The...

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