VOD "devastating strikes and vital points for street fighting"

VOD "Frappes dévastatrices et points vitaux en combat de rue" View larger


The secret art of vital points striking and Penchak-Silat most efficient techniques for street fighting ! This 2 hours DVD is a necessity for all martial arts and self-defense practitioners? Whether beginner or advanced, let your hands become lethal weapons. Franck Ropers presents here a complete and unique method specially made to meet the needs of those looking for real efficacity in real fights.


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In this DVD, Franck Ropers has chosen special techniques very hard – if not impossible – to block. You will also learn how to use vital points striking to put your opponent out of combat. Never again will you feel intimidated by an aggressor. Learn how to trust yourself by learning these special strikes.


This video offers a complete method targeting practitioners who want to use their skills in real fighting situations. Strikes, weapons and vital points targeted are precisely demonstrated, with nothing left to chance. Indeed, you cannot fight in the street as you do on a ring: no three minutes rounds for yo, no chance for mistakes. You must learn how to strike on soft or vital targets.

One hour with this video and you will know where and how to strike.

Franck Ropers’ “impossible to block attacks” are mostly unknown among non-specialists – and the majority of aggressors. Give yourself this advantage and build an unshakable trust in yourself.



-          Analysis and study of vital points: soft and vulnerable targets in the body. Learn which of those points can be reliably hit in street fighting.

-          Devastating strikes not taught in martial arts… because they are too dangerous.

-          Precise location of vital points

-          How to build your precision and speed.

-          Technics to add power in your attacks

-          Real speed and slow motion demonstration of the best positioning before beginning street fighting.


One hour DVD to learn how and where to strike ! Don’t let everyone watch this.

Produced by Franck Ropers

Directed by Franck Ropers

Starring: Franck Ropers

Length: 2 hours and 9 minutes (1h47 + 22 mn bonus)

Language: French

Realized in: 2013


Franck Ropers is an international expert on self-defense and Penchak Silat (Black belt 5th Dan FFKDA, recognized in Indonesia). Since its foundation, AFR - Franck Ropers Academy – has grown to 35 school around the world. Franck Ropers also consults for law-enforcement agency and threat response organizations. Known for his pedagogical skills, Franck Ropers has trained thousands of professors and professionals for self-defense and Pencak Silat, in seminars, classes or through his DVD classes.

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VOD "devastating strikes and vital points for street fighting"

VOD "devastating strikes and vital points for street fighting"

The secret art of vital points striking and Penchak-Silat most efficient...

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